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All of them contain natures main proportion known as the golden mean, the ratio of 1618. Aug 30, 2006 crop circles are simply amazing works of art, regardless of whether you think they were made by a aliens from betelgeuse or pranksters from the local pub. The binary message was decoded to be found as a message from the creators of the crop circle. Hey awesome friends, one of the most exciting, yet littleknown events of this century was the formation of several highly intriguing crop circles near the u. Four alien mysteries explainedorigin of ufos, mars structures, crop circles, and the torahs text.

Specifically, the text string ehipi10 was decoded in one interpretation of the symbols. It was astonishing fractal pattern called a julia set, and while some simple or rough. It was said to represent a digital camera type circuit board. Dec 31, 20 the intricate design etched into a field of barley two hours south of san francisco was spotted monday morning by julie belanger, a photographer, as she and her husband were flying over. Crop circles message decoded exciting chilbolton crop circle message to humanity decoded. In 1990 the designs of these circles became increasingly more complex. Read bible encoded crop circle gods by steve canada for free with a 30 day free trial. They are called the chilbolton messages, named for the nearby observatory photos 1 and 2. The main gods of those various religions are also encoded in the torah, found.

Crop circle, large geometric pattern of flattened crops, most often found in fields in southern england. A molecular biologist with a phd in chemistry from the california institute of technology calthech claims he can decode crop circles and many of them contain messages from aliens and human time travelers. The decoded message read beware of the bearers o false gifts and. Crabwood sparsholt, hampshire, uk crop circle message discovered aug 21, 2002 is examined through reverse speech. A crop circle, crop formation, or corn circle is a pattern created by flattening a crop, usually a cereal.

One of these crop circles, formed in august 2001, was later decoded revealing what appears to be a fascinating message to. Jan 04, 2014 there have been reports of crop circles in california,us. Dear friends, one of the most exciting, yet littleknown events of this century was the formation of several highly intriguing crop circles near the u. Bible encoded crop circle gods ebook by steve canada. Massive last warning crop circle appears in washington state. Neighbor noticed nothing unusual night before other than his dog barkingsure he was first person in. Arjun walia did you know that crop circles are actually real. Crop circles often exhibit very intricate designs done on a large scale. Historical crop circles, before people knew what crop. Science as a candle in the dark, carl sagan concludes that crop. These patterns of flattened plants have been reported on every continent, in around 30 countries, but the majority have appeared in southern england.

The mystery has inspired countless books, blogs, fan groups. The binary 8 bit ascii code forms a text message converted to artificial speech. Scientist decodes crop circles and finds alien messages. Most appear in wheat, barley and oilseed rape, but they have also been reported in rye, oats, flax, maize, sugar cane, peas, potatoes, sunflowers, grass, fruit orchards, rice paddies, snow, and ice.

A number of researchers quickly recognized that the circle contained ascii symbols used to electronically encode letters of the alphabet. Crop circles every year over 200 crop circle designs appear around the world. Crop circles decoded the two most important alien messages humans are free. A crop circle, crop formation, or corn circle is a pattern created by flattening a crop, usually a. Read bible encoded crop circle gods online by steve canada. This equation is a close approximation to eulers identity, a wellknown mathematical formula. A crop circle is typically defined by standing wheat stems that have been flattened in the shape of a circle or more complex pattern. Since the early 1990s, the original crop circles have developed into huge, intricate, geometrical patterns of stunning precision and beauty. Each crop circle diagram in this book is labeled with the date of its initial discovery, location, and type of crop in which it was manifested. The crop circles coloring books series by mark horns feb 7, 2019.

Crop circles present a powerful visual image when viewed from the air. Roberto crop circle decode august 2017 signs within crop circle tell a story. Jul 31, 2017 from babylon to america, the prophecy movie by school for prophets attila kakarott duration. This message was easily decoded when we realized that the crop circle looked very much like the. Sep 1, 2016 there have been reports of crop circles in california,us. Delve into the crop circle phenomenon with a film maker patty greer who has visited more than 100 crop circles personally. Crop circles decoding real crop circles, alien theories, sacred geometry symbols, things to. Horace drew, a wellregarded molecular biologist from the california institute of technology, led these investigations and provided crop circle decoding that concludes the patterns contain important messages from other species. Many others, however, noticed a clue, hidden in the pattern. Aug 17, 2017 video footage showing a crop circle forming within seconds as mysterious balls of light swirl above a wiltshire field has many people convinced the phenomenon is not a hoax after all. Ed sherwood is an internationally recognized english ufo experiencer, cropcircle researcher, writer, and psychic. Although obscure natural causes or alien origins of crop. Sep, 2015 this book has been receiving wonderful feedback for its visual beauty, its 380 photographs many in full color and graphic illustrations, its comprehensive information about the crop circle phenomenon from my eleven consecutive years of research in england, and its enlightening channelled messages about the purpose of the whole crop circle. They tend to appear mainly in developed western or secularised.

The 2 most important alien messages decoded with images crop. In an effort to decode crop circles, a body of research has emerged. One made in 2001 at the foot of the chilbolton radio telescope observatory consisting of two parts. Can we get to the bottom of this mystery using science and logic, or will it continue to mystify us forever. Crop circles decoded richard welcomes patty greer, the crop circle girl who has produced and directed award winning films on the crop circle phenomenon. Crop circles have been described as all falling within the range of the sort of thing done in hoaxes by taner edis, professor of physics at truman state university. A new report prepared for president putin by doctorcolonel marina popovich photo 3 rd left circulating in the kremlin today warns that the massive crop circle discovered within the past fortnight in the state of washington, located in the us pacific northwest, is a last warning as our world is soon to undergo a series of unprecedented cataclysms that may possibly bring our planet to. On december 28, 20, a crop formation appeared at chualar, near salinas, california. Scientist claims to have decoded crop circles coast to coast am. Similar to the 2001 crop circle, this one too is made of pixels. They will discuss her contact experience and the codes she has deciphered in the mathematical formations which. Crop circles decoding with images crop circles, crop. She states that the important thing is that you engage in the process of alchemically activating these images and connecting to the collective consciousness of the planet. When this story first appeared on the main stream news channels, i was astounded to see them so eager to talk about stuff that they.

The torahs text, the first five books of the bible, dictated to moses by yahweh on mount sinai about 3400 years ago, contains throughout its chapters multiple encoded names of those 12 alien beings identified in crop circles, the anunnaki of nibiru 10th solar system planet, who established all human civilizations. Judith moore in her book crop circles revealed, written with barbara lamb, provides a manual for the practical application of the crop circle shapes. For the first time the crop circle season began in march out of europe. The mystery of crop circles has puzzled people for years. How theyre made and who or what is making them is up for debate, but the existence of intricate, remarkable and very complex designs that are sown into crop fields all around the world is a fact thats not open for debate. The photos in the book present the crop circle images in a beautiful format. University mathematician decodes the crop circle with a. This was the first crop circle book that ive read among many that skipped past the pedestrian are they real. Sep 15, 2015 when queen elizabeth put a crop circle book on her summer reading list in 1989, there was a particular surge of interest and also talk of hoaxing.

She states that the important thing is that you engage in the process of alchemically activating these images and. Apr 15, 2014 the range of the crop circle art represented here is truly phenomenal, really beyond words, and makes for a wonderful study for anyone interested in sacred geometry, visual and graphic arts, symbology, and the mystery of what it all means, and how we relate and fit into it all. What was the meaning of the recent crop circle in ca. The 2002 chilbolton crop circle comprised of a stereotypical alien face and a disc with binary coding on it. Happiness frequency, serotonin, dopamine and endorphin release music, binaural beats healing music greenred productions relaxing music 779 watching live now. When this story first appeared on the main stream news channels, i was. The bible and crop circles are decoded to reveal their common source. These precious circles, and the wisdom contained within, are believed by many to be modernday sacred sites. Dec 15, 2009 crop circles are seen by many to enchant a mystical landscape. The famous mystery crop circle which showed days before the big usa solar eclipse 21st august 2017, roberto was tasked with giving his take on it, good or bad. Many ufologists have been maintaining that messages are being left by aliens in binary in these crop circles. The basic new jerusalem design is formed by the same four triangles, when they are overlapped on center.

An image of our latest tegra processor left in a california barley field sparked a worldwide guessing game. Jan 06, 2014 sorry, dear readers, but the crop circle discovered last week etched in a farmers barley field in chualar, california, was not created by aliens. And how many we actually decoded before the disasters. Read unlimited books and audiobooks on the web, ipad, iphone and android. Crop circles are said by some who have studied them to be messages from intelligent extraterrestrial life, but many have been proved to be the work of humans.

Mysteries of the fields revealed by steve alexander, secrets in the fields. This talk is from his 2019 book, messages from the gods. Although crop circles have been recorded for hundreds of years, there has been a tremendous increase in the phenomenon since the early 1990s, especially in southern england. See more ideas about crop circles, cropped, circle. The term was first coined in the early 1980s by colin andrews. When doug bower and his coconspirator dave chorley. Recently my interest in crop circles was awakened while watching the documentary thrive dvd ntsc, which helps make the case that these really are a mysterious and unexplainable phenomena. Roberto has been busy on this decode many days and supplied his report and findings as below. In this book, alongside her stunning fullcolour aerial photographs of crop circles, pringle shares the results of her research, including anecdotes from an 800person questionnaire study, in combination with detailed scientific explanations by aerospace engineer and fellow crop circle researcher james lyons. Scientist claims to have decoded crop circles coast to. Ruby stumbled upon a new truth, in that many of the circles are actually diagrams and sets of instructions to explain. The salinas, california crop circle decoded crop circles. The number 192 represented in the clock positions of the spheres in orbit around the circle, and repeated over and over again, in braille.

One of these crop circles, formed in august 2001, was later decoded revealing what appears to be a fascinating message. Simple teachings from the circlemakers, has presented us with the enigmatic, visually and emotionally stirring panorama of beauty, strength, and enlightenment found to emanate from the crop circles. Eltjo haselhoff has written the first book on crop circles based on scientific. The crop circle seems to have a computer chip like image. Ed has studied crop circles since 1984 and has personally experienced most aspects of the nonmanmade phenomena including more than 100 anomalous aerial object sightings, numerous psychointeractive and psychokinetic events, unusual acoustic, magnetic, and ion effects, plant. If we do not try to decode them, they will remain mysteries forever. Read bible encoded crop circle gods the bible and crop circles are decoded to reveal their common source. Crop circle solar eclipse crop decoded roberto 2017. Looking at some of these designs, especially footage taken from a plane or a helicopter, should.

Extraterrestrial crop circles, messages from the gods youtube. Discover all of the theories, from the reasonable to the ridiculous, then decide for yourself what to believe. These crop circles confirm a vision that one of pablos channels had of two objects arriving on earth on may 29th. Until then, coast insiders can learn more about the crop circle phenomenon by checking out 8122015 edition of the program which delved into odd synchronicities associated with the formations. Jun 10, 2017 this massive 780foot 238 meters crop circle appeared in 2001 in the remote area of milk hill in wiltshire, england. The salinas, california crop circle decoded humans are free january 2020 update. Crop circles strange patterns that appear mysteriously overnight in farmers. They will discuss her contact experience and the codes she has deciphered in the mathematical formations which may develop into advanced technologies. Crop circles where over 40 mysterious crop circles are decoded not.

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