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Oasis of the zombies 1982, free most viewed porn video 6f. Subtitles searchable search, download, and request subtitles for oasis of the zombies in any language. In oasis of the zombies, like in the most francos movies starrs his wife lina romay, known for a lot of erotic picturesm like vampire blues and gestapos last orgy, made in 1977 related 2 thoughts on oasis of the zombies 1982 watch online. Frank the following weapons were used in the film oasis of the zombies. Jesus francos oasis of the zombies is extremely cheesy and obviously has poor production values. Vital disc stats kino lorber brings oasis of the zombies to bluray under the distributors redemption label. In a remote desert oasis, a fortune in gold was hidden by the nazis during world war 2. Were not quite talking blood feast 1963 schlocky, but its close and that was 1963, so thats saying something. Oasis of the zombies nude scenes naked pics and videos. Oasis of the zombies is a neat and clever title, but the finished product is really more like barren and desolate wasteland of the zombies.

It must be a chilly morning, because certain details of the girls anatomies are. Pride and prejudice and zombies, oasis of the zombies, zombies. Two foxy ladies in leotards and tube socks investigate an ancient desert oasis littered with abandoned nazi war machines and human skulls. An expedition searching for treasure supposedly buried by the german army in the african desert during ww ii comes up against an army of nazi zombies guarding the fortune. Lucky for me, i gained enough cynics and francoexperience over the years in order to keep my expectations towards this one low, and i can only advise people to do the same. Continue reading tagged 1980s, english, france, french, gore, high definition, jesus franco horror of the zombies 1974. Once established as a master of the euroerotic horror film, jess franco continued to explore more traditional modes of filmmaking, setting familiar genres on their ears with his singular brand of reckless creativity. First i have to say everything you have heard about this movie is true.

Watch oasis of the zombies online 2010 movie yidio. Manuel gelin, eduardo fajardo, france lomay, jeff montgomery, lina romay, myriam landson, antonio mayans. With manuel gelin, eduardo fajardo, france lomay, jeff montgomery. The french exploitation film oasis of the zombies movie hit theaters in 1982 and now the iconic imagery can haunt your dwelling as a vintage poster.

Based on the original artwork created for the wizard big box video line in the mid1980s by the most respected european illustrators of exploitation films, this line of retro posters combines the. Alternately known as the treasure of the living dead, jess francos 1982 film oasis of the zombies isnt likely to ever top anyones list of greatest zombie movies ever made but if you enjoy whatever it is that franco brings to his filmography that makes his pictures so enigmatic, odds are pretty good youll enjoy this low budget quickie he did for eurocine. The film titled the oasis of the zombies is a french thriller originally released in france in 1981. Oasis of the zombies public domain full movie video dailymotion. The thriller is about a group of treasure hunters whose hunt has lead them to locating a lost nazi fortune of gold. Stream, download, buy oasis of the zombies is available to watch free on tubi tv and stream, download, buy on demand at amazon online. Oasis of the zombies 1982 when franco jumped ship from zombie lake, he dried out and took the nazi cannibal corpse concept to the desert, the result of which was tomb of the living dead or. Our movie opens with two girls, evidently lesbians, visiting a remote desert oasis. Oasis of the zombies originally called labime des mortsvivants the abyss of the living dead is a 1982 film directed by jesus franco for french producer marius lesoeur.

Oasis of the zombies 1982 vintage porn video sausage. Imagine their discomfiture upon discovering that the gold is being guarded by an army of zombies. Oasis of the zombies 1982 was a french zombie flick about treasure seekers going out to the african desert to get some old hidden nazi gold. Oasis of the zombies bluray kino lorber home video. Manuel gelin, eduardo fajardo, france lomay, jeff montgomery, lina romay, myriam landson, antonio mayans, javier. Released 1982, oasis of the zombies stars manuel gelin, france jordan, jeff montgomery, eric viellard the movie has a runtime of about 1 hr 25 min, and received a score of out of 100 on. Oasis of the zombies labime des morts vivants, aka the treasure of the living dead france. It has nazis, gold, zombies, exotic locales and occasional nudity. Free download from source, api support, millions of users. If u find any movie with download link unavailable leave a comment under that movie i will reupload quick. Zombies 357x subtitles download movie and tv series. Yet despite all of its many flaws, i still quite enjoy it.

Oasis of the zombies is a bad film with horrendous pacing, a thin plot, makeup that just looks lazy, and a soundtrack that sounds like someone mashing the buttons of a bottom end casio keyboard. However, if these were the ingredients for a cinematic feast, it would seem as though the chef had merely thrown them into a pot without any thought, and the result is a tasteless mess. Trailers for zombie lake, female vampire and exorcismdemoniac are also included. Oasis of the zombies internet movie firearms database. Two french vampire flick directors get embroiled in a competition to. The newest horror movie poster that you will see here dates from 1982 and its. Oasis of the zombies 1982 by rarelust november 20, 2015 2. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. After finding the fortune the treasure hunters discover that the gold is being. An american soldier who initially stopped the transport of gold back in world war ii tells the story to his son, who vows to go find the gold. Staring france lomay, myriam landson, jeff montgomery and manuel gelin. Oasis of the zombies is the irrefutable proof that you should never purchase horror movies judging by their coolsounding titles andor appealing dvdcovers. An expedition searching for treasure supposedly buried by the. Movie and tv subtitles in multiple languages, thousands of translated subtitles uploaded daily.

Made during the living dead craze of the early 1980s, oasis of the zombies is one of only a handful of motion pictures to explore a most peculiar subgenre of the movement. Remastered edition on bluray 738329107529 from redemption usa. The setting is a french village haunted by an incident that occurred in. Av maniacs bluray steven ruskin b movies heroes b movies heroes. The actors do what they can with what they have and its not much, but most of the time they hardly say anything. Oasis of the zombies 1982 watch movies online free. The treasure of the living dead 1982 aka oasis of the zombies aka the abyss of the living dead aka bloodsucking nazi zombies aka the most politically incorrect movie of 1982 is a schlocky one. Oasis of the zombies is a 1982 film directed by jesus franco for french producer marius lesoeur. Rent oasis of the zombies 1982 on dvd and bluray dvd.

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