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This can be quite useful for testing out various networking tools e. One solution is to install xen on your host or qemu, or some other virtualization tool and to setup a virtual machine with two network interfaces. Various professional software use a solution called flexnet for licensing. How can we create multiple dummy interfaces on linux. The first thing you need to load the module dummy, you can also add the option numdummies 2 to immediately create two dummyx interfaces. Creating a virtual network of linux guests using virtualbox. Create a dummy interface when you only have 1 nic available. How do i create a linux virtual network interface alias with a real. Create a local dummy virtual network interface on linux centos 7 dummy nic for use by virtual machines need a dummy nic for a virtual machine running a router or a switch. I tried to create the three interfaces needed via one network bridge on the xen network interface, which ended up in a very weak cluster which, when stressed, performs much worse than even a singledatabase instance on much weaker hardware while the connection to the dom0 almost breaks. Installing and configuring a linux gateway by jim mcintyre in open source on october 6, 2000, 12. Introduction to linux interfaces for virtual networking red hat. The usual way to add several dummy interfaces is to use iproute2. If your nst system does not have an active nic adapter installed or is offline from the network, you can install a dummy network interface module to simulate a network computing environment.

I have added the module dummy to etcmodules and tried to bring it up. Dummy interface on debian libvirt networking handbook. Create dummy network interfaces on linux 24 jan 2019. A dummy interface is a virtual nic for the server without a physical interface card. Developers membership and download red hat enterprise linux today at no cost. I need to set up a dummy interface that comes up on boot. While license managers like this are supposed to protect the intellectual properties of the vendor while keeping this attempt as transparent to the end user as possible, flexnet seems to be bad at both. Two hours to install additional modules and hack around. This creates a bridge device named br0 and sets two tap devices tap1. To create a dummy network interface eth10 and an alias on it eth10. How to create a dummy network interface an dor bridge.

Create a local dummy virtual network interface on linux. Virtualbox settings for network adapter 1 on client virtualbox. How to create a dummy network interface andor bridge. I will give an example of creating dummy interfaces in linux. Debian user forums view topic dummy network interface. This post provides a brief introduction to linux virtual interfaces. Create dummy network interfaces on linux leis blog. To create a fake ethernet dummy interface on linux we first initialize the dummy interface driver using the below command. The process of creating a virtual network interface in linux is a quite simple matter.

Install and configure ubuntu in the base virtual machine. When i create a dummy network interface and then bring it up it show up being in unknown state. Dummy interface virtual nic feature nethserver community. In your case you need 2 dummy interfaces, so you can use the option when you load the module from command line. Browse other questions tagged linux networking network interface modprobe virtual interface or ask your own question.

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