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The chief purpose of zechariah and haggai was to rebuke the people of judah and to encourage and motivate them to complete the rebuilding of the temple zec 4. Before the temple completed, and then wrote chapters 914 approximately 480 b. Although the name zechariah was common among the hebrew people twentyeight zechariahs are mentioned in the old testament, there are bible teachers who identify the zechariah of this book with the zacharias whom our lord mentioned in matthew 23. He was given a burning in his heart, by god, to move the jewish people from their comfortableness to hard work. The prophet zechariah wrote chapters 18 approximately 520518 b. The book of zechariah, because of its great variation in style, content, and language, is widely believed to be a composite work. Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the lord. Intro to zechariah biblica the international bible society. In zechariah we learn that only the messiahchrist, the angel of the lord, the branch and the stone zech 3, and the priest upon his throne zech 6 can save his people. Use highlighting, underlining, and take notes while you study the bible. Zechariah 8 bible study verses 1823 explaining the book.

Zechariah is a commonly used name in the old testament and means the lord remembers, a meaning that contributes to the hope of the messiahs first and second coming prophesied in zechariahs book. Zechariah emphasized that god has used his prophets to teach, warn and correct his people. The book of zechariah contains the clearest and the largest number of messianic about the messiah passages among the minor prophets. Show loving devotion and compassion to one another. The book of zechariah contains inspired visions and prophecies related to rebuilding the temple, as well as details of the messiahs coming, betrayal, and death. If jerusalem carried the idea of gods city then babylon carries the idea of the city of the world. The visions resemble those in the books of daniel and ezekiel and revelation. It is a postexilic book, meaning it was written after post the return from captivity exile in babylon. Zechariah verse by verse bible commentary matthew henry. Zechariah with book summary versebyverse bible commentary. The occasion is the same as that of the book of haggai see background.

He answered me, to measure jerusalem, to find out how wide and how long it is. If haggai is talking about rebuilding the temple, what do you think zechariah will write about. Zechariah s call to come out of babylon is both literal and figurative revelation 18. Abel then would be a man out of the first and zechariah a man out of the last book of the old testament. Zechariah, whose name means whom jehovah remembers, is identified as.

Many expositors discount this possibility, but it is interesting to note that the jewish targum states that. Zechariah s prophetic ministry took place in the postexilic period, the time of the jewish restoration from babylonian captivity. Picture study bible zechariah bible history online. The title comes from the prophets name, zechariah, which means yahweh remembers. Watch our overview video on the book of zechariah, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought.

Zechariah the prophet was probably born in babylon during the 70year babylonian captivity. Run, tell that young man, jerusalem will be a city. In this way it is much like the book of revelation or daniel which also have significant visions. This is so since a grandson can still be considered the son of. Remember that the jews who came back from babylon to jerusalem were curious as to. In greek the book is titled zacarias, a transliteration from the hebrew name. The dates mentioned in the book confirm that he was a contemporary of haggai zechariah 1.

In this book, zechariahs visions foster hope in the future promise of. The reason for this supposition is probably that in the hebrew bible the chronicles are placed at the very end. The new world translation of the holy scriptures is published by jehovahs witnesses. Watch our overview video on the book of zechariah, which breaks. Not much is known about zechariah s life other than what may be inferred from the book. Messianic prophecy study of book of zechariah introduction. And do not plot evil in your hearts against one another. Because he was a visionary, a lot of his words are very obscure. The book of zechariah is narrative history, prophetic and apocalyptic in genre. Jul 07, 2017 gcbi is a one year bible program designed to give students the tools and knowledge required to understand the bible and form a biblical worldview, with the goal of following jesus last command to. Zechariah gives the rest of the story, and shows how god is interested in lives, not only buildings. Zechariah, on the other hand, experienced god through visions. The book of zechariah was likely written in two primary segments, between 520 and 470 b.

Lets turn our attention one more time to the first chapter of the old testament book of zechariah. And what well see in this section is the lords 4th response to the jews question about fasting. Study guide for zechariah 2 by david guzik blue letter bible. The book also bears evidence that even prophecy could be corrupted. A chapterbychapter study of the old testament book of zechariah. Introduction to the old testamentstudying the scriptures unit 1. The prophecy of zechariah is noted for its rich use of visions, pictures, and symbols.

The persian emperor cyrus had died and was succeeded by cambyses ca. This zechariah has of old been connected with 2 chronicles 24. In hebrew the book is titled hyrkz meaning yahweh remembers b. Bible study guide book of zephaniah saturday, november 3, 2012 background on zephaniah in zephaniah 1. The book of zechariah lacks unity in its contents, style, and vocabulary.

God spoke to his people through dream visions with bizarre images. Most would be amazed to learn that zechariah, with only fourteen chapters, is quoted about forty times in the nt. God will remember his covenant with them recorded in deuteronomy 2830 and will keep his promises. Zechariah, the eleventh of the twelve minor prophets, was son of berechiah, and grandson of iddo. Zechariah, like jeremiah and e zekiel was a priest as well as a prophet. Zechariah ben jehoiada was the last martyr in the last book of the hebrew bible, chronicles, so jesus may have been speaking canonically, the. Because god remembers, there is hope for the people of israel. The book of zechariah challenges gods people to remain. Book of zechariah overview insight for living ministries. Cyrus, king of persia issued a proclamation permitting the exiled jews within the persian empire to return to their land and rebuild the house of the lord ezra 14. Many of these were interpreted for his benefit by an accompanying angel. In 538 bc the great and improbable event foretold by jeremiah jeremiah 25. Escape, you who dwell with the daughter of babylon.

Abrahamic covenant, a study outline of the identity of gods people by e. Nonetheless, it is the book of zechariah among the minor prophets that is most often quoted in the new testament, so it was well known. The book of zechariah genesis, psalms, and isaiah are the most quoted books in the nt, which, considering their length and crucial contents, is not surprising. Zechariah 2 niv a man with a measuring line then i. Ancient jerusalem interactive study of jerusalem with map. Study guide for zechariah 1 by david guzik blue letter bible. Hag 12, though both prophets were clearly interested in spiritual renewal as well. Zechariah emphasized that god has used his prophets to teach, warn, and correct his people.

There is no manuscript evidence to support any division of the book. He had no son, he killed himself, and darius rose to the throne by quelling a revolution. This summary of the book of zechariah provides information about the title, author s, date of writing, chronology, theme, theology, outline, a brief overview, and the chapters of the book of zechariah. In this book, zechariahs visions foster hope in the future promise of the. Zechariah in the picture study bible the book of zechariah.

It has been speculated that his grandfather iddo was the head of a priestly family who returned with zerubbabel, and that zechariah may himself have been a priest as well as a prophet. Duane lindsey, zechariah, in the bible knowledge commentary. Zechariahs ministry began between haggais second and third message. Zechariah was a levite who was born in babylon neh 12.

First century israel map large map of israel in the first century click around on the cities. Zechariah pictures christ in both his first coming zechariah 9. The book of zechariah bible study for life,the word of the. It would also explain his emphasis on temple and priestly matters in the book. Zechariah died hundreds of years earlier, before 800 b. Jan 02, 2020 since this zechariah is the last martyr mentioned in the hebrew bible as the book we know as 2 chronicles is the last book in the hebrew arrangement, many think that jesus must be referring to this zechariah they explain jesus mention of the son of berekiah as a reference to a grandfather. Zechariah says he is the son of berechiah, the son of iddo.

The book of zechariah begins with a challenge for gods people to turn back to him, unlike their ancestors who rebelled, disobeyed and were exiled. In this was jeremiah lent his name to all the prophetic books, and matthew so treats it charles l. In this way it is much like the book of revelation or daniel which also have. In that respect, its possible to think of the book of zechariah as a kind of miniature book of isaiah. A free bible version and commentary on the old testament book of zechariah in easyenglish. While the angel who was speaking to me was leaving, another angel came to meet him and said to him.

Among the prophets, this is a unique introduction with its long list of fathers back to zephaniahs great. A man with a measuring line then i looked up, and there before me was a man with a measuring line in his hand. This book has the characteristics of an apocalypse. Nor should zechariah the prophet be confused with any of the 28 other men in the old testament who bore this name. Zechariah bible study zionfriedheim lutheran church. Below are study questions from a series on the book of zechariah presented by rick harrington. The message included details about the new jerusalem and a warning to remain faithful. Throughout the bible babylon is used as an idea as well as a city. Eight dream visions god spoke to his people through dream visions with bizarre images. Picture study bible studybible with pictures and maps. The book of zechariah is the most messianic, the most truly apocalyptic and eschatological of all the writings of the old testament.

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