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Jun 10, 2018 synopsis downfall is a german, italian, and austrianfunded war drama depicting the bizarre final 10 days in the life of adolf hitler played by bruno ganz, hunkered down in his berlin fuhrerbunker in late april 1945 as the red army closes in to seal his doom. When we first see the machine printing the words h. With bruno ganz, alexandra maria lara, ulrich matthes, juliane kohler. An incredibly powerful world war ii epic, downfall is a german war drama about the final days of the third reich. Mar 10, 2005 downfall takes place almost entirely inside the bunker beneath berlin where adolf hitler and his inner circle spent their final days, and died. The film stars bruno ganz, alexandra maria lara, corinna harfouch, ulrich matthes, juliane kohler, heino ferch, christian berkel, matthias habich, and thomas kretschmann. Downfall 1997 film, a 1997 korean film starring shin eungyeong. Oliver hirschbiegels meticulous film is no sensational shockfest, but a living, breathing historical recreation of hitlers downfall. Hitler as a halfcrazed man trying to delude himself that victory is nigh.

It ventures outside only to show the collapse of the nazi defense of berlin, the misery of the civilian population and the burning of the bodies of hitler, eva braun, and joseph and magda goebbels. Downfall is a landmark in the history of german cinema. This story of the last 2 weeks of hitlers third reich is the best wwii film ive ever seen. The film contains a nearrelentless pace of wartime atrocities and their accompanying bloodshed, including bombs, explosions, dead bodies, graphic murders, and nearly a dozen suicides by gunshot, multiple scenes of executionstyle deaths by individuals or death squads, piles of severed limbs, limbs being sawed off to amputate, and several graphic scenes of poison by cyanide capsule, gunshots. As the first germanmade film about hitlers ruination since g. As the title suggests, i believe it is among the greatest ww2 movies ever made.

Mar 30, 2016 general krebs of the withering wehrmacht tries a last ditch attempt at negotiating with soviet general chuikov. Downfall book, a 2011 book about the political career of tommy sheridan. Downfall 2004 traudl junge, the final secretary for adolf hitler, tells of the nazi dictators final days in his berlin bunker at the end of wwii. The swiss actor, who played adolf hitler in the film downfall, has died at the age of 77. Traudl junge, the final secretary for adolf hitler, tells of the nazi dictators final days in his berlin bunker at the end of wwii.

Downfall 2004 full movie with english subtitle youtube. One of my favorite scenes in cinema, combining elements of humor, consequence and. The film played at the toronto film festival in 2004, and is scheduled for release in major cities worldwide in 2005. Downfall 2004 full movie with english subtitle flamenco. This is the original video, parodied so many times on youtube, its. Nominated for an oscar for best foreign language film in 2005. Traudl junges book is closely followed in her story as hitlers secretary see her film and book, then the story of a wehrmachtss doctor who tries to care for the civilians and wounded in the russian attacks on berlin, the story of a hitler youth boy whos conflicted as. It is set during the battle of berlin in world war ii, when nazi.

Zu ihnen gehoren auch traudl junge alexandra maria lara. Prosaschriften ii, verlag europaische ideen berlin 1978, page 256. Hitlers rant original video with english subtitles. To see the film with english subtitles, downfall 1964 ganzer film deutsch hd. Seth rogens comedy an american pickle movie gets august 6, 2020 release date on hbo max about an immigrant worker seth rogen at a pickle factory who is accidentally preserved for 100 years and wakes up in modern day brooklyn and meets his grandson also played by seth rogen. Jan 20, 2020 untergang m genitive unterganges or untergangs, plural untergange fall, downfall, doom. Downfall is an electrifying and captivating war drama covering the final ten days of adolf hitlers rule in berlin in 1945. The hitler film that upset wim wenders in 1977 was joachim fest and christian herrendoerfers hitler.

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